The Queenscliff Music Festival

Every year the town of Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia, comes alive as thousands of people flock to this small point on the Bellarine Peninsula to make the most of the annual Queenscliff Music Festival. This year will certainly be no different, with hundreds of artists already booked to perform at the festival.

The Queenscliff Music Festival is traditionally held on the last weekend of November each year. It began in 1997 and so has just recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. The beautiful 19th century seaside town of Queenscliff provides the perfect platform for this beloved annual event and fans generally get to attend a feast of music as some 900 musicians from across the globe gather together here to take part in more than 160 performances over the course of three magical days. What more could a music lover ask for? With the delightful combination of music, variety, vibe, history and natural beauty, it’s no wonder that the Queenscliff Music Festival is one of Australia’s most successful festivals. Nowhere else will you find a combination of music talent and style with quite as much depth and diversity as you will at the Queenscliff Music Festival. The wide range of unique venues also adds to the allure of the festival. Circus marquees and a variety of buildings and church spaces form just one small part of this. A grand Victorian ballroom complete with chandeliers makes for an almost surreal musical experience, while the Festival Train that normally rides along the shores of Swan Bay gets to take part in the celebration too with a different musical act taking place in each carriage. Of course, no festival would be quite complete without a few open-air street performances.

What’s more, the magical town of Queenscliff is simply enchanting and you can quite easily take time off from the festival to explore the town and its surrounding areas. There are plenty of interesting sights to see and some great walking trails that will allow you to soak up the tranquillity of the natural vegetation in the area. Shopping is also a great experience since there are plenty of small, friendly shops and boutiques that are fun to explore and budget-friendly. You could also go surfing or snorkel and dive the protected waters on the edge of the town. So make the most of this great music festival and striking little Australian town and get your tickets for the 2008 Queenscliff Music Festival now!