The Rumble Strips To Tour U.S.

They may still be a relatively young band but they are certainly wasting no time in getting to work; The Rumble Strips are set to invade America later this year when they engage in a massive debut tour after the release of their album ‘Girls and Weather’.

The name might not yet be a household name but it certainly seems that the band plans on reaching that level of stardom one day. They will spend their next few months working hard to promote their album ‘Girls and Weather’ as they embark on a huge tour of the U.S. Commencing on August 5th and continuing on until November 1st, the tour will see the group heading off to a number of different locations across the states. But where do they come from? The English band is originally from Tavistock, Devon, but they are currently based in London. The band members have all known each other since childhood and so there is no precise date of conception. However, they started their current work in 2004 so that is generally regarded to be the founding date for the band. Their name was taken from the small lines of bumps placed on the edge of a road called ‘rumble strips’. They are currently signed to fallout Records and their most recent single ‘Motorcycle’ reached number 46 on the U.K. Singles Charts earlier this year. They have released more than one popular song but still have a way to go before making it to the top five. However, since working as a key support act for Dirty Pretty Things and The Young Knives, they have enjoyed increasing popularity and so continue to benefit from an expanding fan-base.

Whether you’re already a fan of the band or are just looking to try something new, why not get yourself to one of their shows to experience the vibe of this great musical group? They will kick off their tour at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, after which they will head to the Black Cat Backstage in Washington. Then it’s off to Carrboro, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Minneapolis and Chicago. The Rumble Strips will end their U.S. tour with a massive concert in the Bowery Ballroom in New York. So book your ticket now to make sure that you don’t miss out!