The Year-long Breckenridge Music Festival

Dr. Kenneth Evans was the visionary behind the establishment of the Breckenridge Music Festival in the year 1981. As the Executive Director and the Conductor of the Breckenridge Music Festival, Dr. Evans, together with the support and assistance of his wife, was able to nurture the organization into a well-known and respected music association.

The Breckenridge Music Festival is not an annual event that takes place once every year, but an organization that fills the year with music spectaculars and electrifying performances by world-class musicians. It also hosts educational programs and music camps to involve the youth and to assist in developing new musical talents. Breckenridge Music Festival aims to expose communities and visitors to the performing arts and the diversity of music by hosting both contemporary and classical concerts to reach out to all ages.

At present, the Principal Director and BMF Orchestra Musical Director is Gerhardt Zimmermann, who has held this position since 1993. He is also holds these positions with the Canton Symphony Orchestra and has been given the Directorship of Orchestral Activities at the University of Texas. Zimmermann’s experience and brilliant musical talents shine through every note that he conducts.

The Riverwalk Centre in Breckenridge hosts all the breathtaking performances that are scheduled in the Breckenridge Music Festival program line-ups. Here the captivating melodies of the most skilled musicians and magnificent orchestras take to the stage. Audiences are able to lose themselves in the moving performances throughout the year, with the most popular program being the Winter Concert series. This event travels to different venues and has brought majestic shows, including the Colorado Children’s Choir, the Vienna Boys Choir, the Glenn Miller Orchestra and even the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier’s Chorus to the community. The Champagne Series and Summer Series have also proved to be favorites with the faithful audiences who attend the performances every year.

With masterful performances, talented musicians and the vision to inspire young artists, the Breckenridge Music Festival manages to touch many lives and entertain hundreds of people and music lovers. It is an establishment that continues to amaze and surprise, with new discoveries being made by audiences and exciting genres being explored annually.