Upcoming Clash of the Choirs

“Clash of the Choirs” is a new reality-type show in which five musical superstars take on the challenge of returning to their hometowns with the objective of assembling an amateur choir and preparing them to compete on live television for the title of “America’s Best Choir”.

The superstars who have agreed to participate in the Clash of the Choirs are Michael Bolton, Nick Lachey, Patti LaBelle, Blake Shelton and Kelly Rowland. The first three hundred hopefuls in each hometown will have the opportunity of auditioning for the twenty-member choir. Once the choirs have been chosen and trained, they will compete against one another in live performance shows, while being judged by television viewers at home who will cast their votes via phone, text messages or on the NBC website.

Kelly Rowland’s hometown is Houston and this star from Destiny’s Child intends to put her stamp of individual style and charm on the costumes, choreography and the overall stage presence of her choir. Michael Bolton will be returning to New Haven, Patti LaBelle returns to Philadelphia, Nick Lachey will be traveling to Cincinnati, and Blake Shelton returns to Oklahoma City. These celebrities will be dealing with the challenge of rounding up ordinary members of the public with different musical backgrounds and vocal training, and molding them into a harmonious unit.

The winning choir, along with their celebrity leader, will have the opportunity to choose a prize that will benefit the community of their hometown. The prize could be anything from creating a neighborhood park to renovating the local school gym, depending on what will most benefit the community.

The concept of Clash of the Choirs has been adopted from a successful Scandinavian based series. This BBC Worldwide Production will be produced by Jason Raff and Suzy Lamb. BBC Worldwide was responsible for producing the hugely successful “Dancing with the Stars” and it is hoped that “Clash of the Choirs” will be met with the same enthusiasm by participants and viewers alike.

The Clash of the Choirs is scheduled to air on four consecutive nights starting 17 December 2007 and will feature a range of music genres, from holiday classics to current pop hits. This family fun show is sure to have everyone singing along.