Voice Training: Everyone Can Do It!

Most people are blessed with an ear for music and good voices but to be something more than just a ‘bathroom singer’ most voices need to be trained. Voice training in order to take up music or singing professionally can be an expensive business so it may be a good idea to check certain basics out on your own before making the investment.

You need to find if you can sing and your voice can be trained in order to improve it. Set up a tape recorder and select an easy song or piece of music to sing along with. Record your voice as you sing along with the original song and then play it back and listen carefully.

Are you able to sing along accurately with the tune? Do you get out of breath or take a breath at the wrong time? Are you able to reach the right note and pitch of the music? Do not worry if you cannot – after all you are keen to undergo voice training and improve your singing.

Simple breathing exercises will improve your ability to hold and release your breath in the appropriate manner and time. Practicing the scales regularly will help you stay in tune and get your notes right. Now that you know what needs correction in your singing and also some simple self help techniques go through the recording process again. Listen to the play back and see if you have improved.

There are a few basic free voice training lessons available on the internet. Try them out and improve your singing voice as much as you can. Regular practice can do wonders.

You can now decide how you want to take your voice training forward. Find good voice training institute, preferably recommended by someone who trained there. If possible watch a session in action or ask if you can have a trial lesson.

Voice training is an ongoing process and requires constant and diligent practice. Once you begin training, be sure to persist. These qualities of regular and dedicated practice are what make a singer successful in a career in music.