2008 Spark Festival of Electronic Music

The Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art has been held every year since 2005. It is a celebrated annual music and art even that is organized by the University of Minnesota and it is held in and around the west bank theatre district in Minneapolis as well as the adjoining Minnesota University’s West Bank Arts Quarter.

If you are looking to attend the ultimate art and electronic music event, you should definitely not miss the Spark Music Festival. This event brings together creators and performers of new media arts from all the corners of the globe in a one week celebration of color, performance and music. The staging point for the Spark Festival is Minneapolis and St Paul – twin cities located in the United States of America. The festival presents those attending with a wide and interesting variety of performances, workshops and discussions. It also provides scholarly lectures for those interested in learning more about the various mediums on display. In incorporates the latest and greatest developments in the fields of music, video, theatre, plastic art, dance and more. Any artistic or musical field that has seen the use of some sort of new technology or development is represented at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art.

The 2008 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art will be taking place between the 26th of February and the 2nd of March. Featured artists already incorporated in the line-up include Richard Devine, Paul DeMarinis and Iancu Dumitrescu. The various performances and exhibitions will be held at stunning venues such as the Regis Center for Art, the Ferguson Hall, the Ted Mann Concert Hall, the Southern Theatre, the Ultan Recital Hall, the Coffman Memorial Union (The Whole), the Weisman Museum of Art, the Nomad World Pub and the Regis Center for Art (InFlux). Some fifteen different concerts are already scheduled and a number of artists and presenters from around the world have been included in the line-up. There is also a very enjoyable nightlife scene that begins at 10pm and ends at 1pm and features an excellent selection of club music works by JP Hungelmann. So don’t miss out on this spectacular annual event. Book your tickets now and make the most of the 2008 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art.