Adele on Top of Digital Sales

Hearing that your album has reached the number one slot in the United States is any artist’s dream. For Adele to have the top selling album is an achievement on its own, but it was due to her staggering number of digital album sales that she managed to reach this peak so early in her career. Even if not one album had sold in the stores, she still would have had the winning album just by her digital sales numbers. Her second album, 21, has made an even greater impact on the music industry than her debut album, 19.

Adele was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on 5 May 1988. In the year 2006 she graduated from BRIT School, which she praises for developing her talent. In the year 2008 she proved her musical talent to the world by being named the breakthrough act of that year by the BBC Poll of Music Critics, and won herself a BRIT Awards Critics’ Choice. The following year was even better for her, as she walked away with the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and the New Best Artist Awards at the Grammy Awards. In the United Kingdom, her debut album, 19, went three times platinum.

On 24 January 2011, she released 21. Within the first week of release, her album sold two hundred and eight thousand copies in the UK alone. The album sold three hundred and fifty two thousand copies in the United States and was in the number one position on the Billboard 200. Online purchases seem to be on the rise dramatically, as it was calculated that of that staggering number of sales, sixty-two percent of the sales were made digitally, which means two hundred and seventeen thousand albums were sold digitally. Only thirty-eight percent of the sales numbers from the album 21 were made up from actual CD sales.

Second to Adele was Justin Bieber’s album Never Say Never: Remixes, which sold a hundred and two thousand copies. Adele has therefore not only become a top selling artist in music stores and within the industry, but the queen of digital album sales.

Thumbnail image by Christopher Macsurak