Benedictine Nuns Sign with Decca

The search to find the best Gregorian Chant singers in the world was a long and difficult task, as more than seventy convents entered the competition. With so many worthy competitors participating judging was extremely difficult, but the prize eventually went to the Benedictine Nuns who are located in southern France, in Avignon. Winning the competition means that the nuns have won a recording contract with Decca Records, putting them in the same league as celebrity recording artists such as U2, Eminem, Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga.

The Benedictine Nuns live in total seclusion from the world as a self-sufficient convent, complete with their own plumbers, silk weavers, electricians and engineers. They sing their mesmerizing chants up to eight times a day. They are an ancient order, originating from the sixth century, and abide by the rules that were adhered to by their predecessors. Nuns who enter into the convent remain within the walls of the monastery from the time they say their vows until their death, and contact with the outside world can only be made through a small grille in the monastery gate. The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de L’Annonciation signed their contract through this grille. As they are unable to leave the monastery, the new album, “Voice: Chant From Avignon”, will be recorded at the monastery. Twenty-six of the twenty-eight nuns will be featured on the recording, and speaking to the press, Tom Lewis (Of Decca Records), commented: “When you hear the sound of nuns chanting, it’s like an immediate escape from the challenges, stresses, noise and pace of modern living. You’re given a glimpse of a secret world of peace and calm.”

Decca Records is a part of Universal Music, offering the Benedictine Nuns the best in recording quality and music industry service. The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de L’Annonciation hope that the album will touch the lives of many, and the Reverend Mother Abbess supports the project entirely, saying: “At first we were worried it would affect our cloistered life, so we asked St. Joseph in prayer. Our prayers were answered, and we thought that this album would be a good thing if it touches people’s lives and helps them find peace.”