Bob Geldof Awarded Music Honor By University

Irish singer, songwriter, actor and political activist Bob Geldof has enjoyed a long and satisfying career. The contributions he has made through music to music have proven to be legendary. It is no wonder then that the former Boomtown Rats member was recently chosen to receive an honorary degree by the University of East London.

In a ceremony that was held at London’s Barbican Center, Bob Geldof was awarded an honorary music degree in recognition of his many musical achievements over the years. This is not the first time that Geldof has received recognition for his work. Perhaps one of his more notable awards was when he was knighted in 1986. Because he is Irish, he is only supposed to use the initials KBE before his name but instead people have chosen to entitle him ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof and the name has stuck. Geldof has received particular recognition for his role in the organization of the Live Aid and Live 8 concerts which highlighted the plight of disadvantaged people in other countries, raising a global sense of awareness about these concerns and also helping to raise significant funds for the chosen causes. His winning strategy on both occasions was simple and effective: use music to unite the people. By bringing thousands of people across the globe together through a series of massive musical concerts and satellite uplinks, the cause was brought to the fore and thousands of people were motivated to donate money towards the benefit. While the Honorary Doctorate that he received at the event recognized his contribution to music and the arts, his charity work was also highlighted.

Geldof kept a jovial attitude at the ceremony. During his speech he noted that he was joining a number of students from the science and technology departments on the stage with the words: “I actually thought you were going to be a bunch of musos, it turns out you’re geeks.” He also joked about East London being the part of town where he will usually have to go to in order to pick up his daughters after a night out. However when asked about his daughter’s controversial marriage, he admirably remarked: “I don’t answer questions about my daughter’s private life.”