Bon Jovi Exhibition in the UK

Everyone knows that the British Music Experience is a museum like no other. Here, music lovers can explore the lives of their favorite bands and musicians; they can listen to the sounds of sixty years ago, and take a journey through the evolution of music with interactive displays and countless rare and unique items of memorabilia. Icons, past and present, are depicted in the museum through various fashion items, musical instruments and much more. Visitors to the museum can test their vocal skills, play an instrument and even show off their dance moves. From the 7th to the 25th of June 2010, patrons can enjoy the magnificent Bon Jovi Photographic Exhibition.

Bon Jovi is without a doubt one of the most iconic bands to have ever graced the music industry. They have gained popularity and fame worldwide, and will be at The 02 during the hosting of the exhibition. The band has been together for a staggering twenty-five years, and has recently completed a book and a documentary film both named “When We Were Beautiful”. Bon Jovi will be performing at The O2 to promote their book and documentary, which follows the active years of the band and their experiences on tour. Bands from the United Kingdom have been auditioning for the opportunity to join this legendary band on stage, and all tickets to the upcoming concert have already been sold out. Fans with concert tickets will be allowed free access to the Bon Jovi Photographic Exhibition at the British Music Experience.

The exhibition will host a variety of photographs that were taken by Phil Griffin during the time he spent on tour with them. Griffin is also the director of the Bon Jovi documentary. Two floors have been assigned to this extraordinary display. Another feature that makes this exhibition so unique is the fact that band members have included numerous images from their own private collections, giving fans an insight into the band and their daily lives that has never been seen before. Phil Griffin will also be holding a talk in regard to the band and his experiences with them, of which the date for this event is still to be confirmed.