Music Video Joys

The most successful way of promoting music today is by producing a music video. It may seem ironic that one has to use the visual medium to make an impact of what is essentially an audio. These music videos are also known as promos as their role is mainly promotion of the song. It is believed in the music industry that often the success of a song on the music charts depends on the impact its video has made.

Making music video is an expensive business and calls for a lot of coordination as well. It is always more eye catching if the actors in the video are well known but that obviously sends the budget soaring. Often the script or storyline of the music video has nothing to do with the song but if it grabs the eyeballs it will stay in the listeners’ consciousness as well.

Nowadays the actual production of the video is much simpler and less expensive than it used to be thanks to digital technology. It is no longer necessary to use cumbersome expensive equipment in large well set studios. The promo can now be shot digitally and thanks to cheap editing software, the music video can be made into a slick product on the computer even at home.

It can be argued that the entire process does not give the performing singer his due credit and he is sidelined in the whole business of promotion of his music. It is not uncommon to have singers acting in their videos or at least cuts of their singing are interwoven in the video.

The music video is promoted on dedicated music channels like MTV and other media too. Sometimes the video is more popular than the song! A fast developing way of promoting music and its video is the internet. A lot of pirated music and doctored videos too do the rounds this way but that is the price to pay for advancing technology and simplified ways of using or misusing it by anyone who is reasonably computer savvy.