Chris Squire – More than Just an Ordinary Bass Player – Musicians

When it comes to playing bass guitar, no genre is more physically demanding that that of progressive rock. And very few progressive rock bass players have the musical chops to attack their craft like Chris Squire, musician and bass player for progressive rock icons YES.

Interestingly enough, Squire started out as a child singer in his church choir. But as he started to grow and mature, it was suggested that he ought to learn to play the bass because he had such large hands. The rest as they say; is history.

Not content to be pigeon-holed as a back-up player filling in the musical landscape for the rest of the band, Squire stretched the boundaries of bass playing. And there’s little doubt that his philosophy of playing the bass guitar with the same fervor as a lead instrument played a crucial role in the early and on-going success of progressive rock band, YES.

There are few bass players that can boast of having an inimitable sound — but Chris Squire is certainly one musician who can. With over 30 years of YES music under his belt and currently touring and producing with his revamped band The SYN, Squire shows no signs of slowing down.