Conkers Live Aid Concert

On a normal day, Conkers is a family attraction theme park that is located at the Heart of the National Forest. It gives young and old the opportunity to interact, while learning and exploring the wonders of nature. Walks, trails, rides, shops, playgrounds, restaurants and a variety of spectacular events, makes Conkers the ideal venue for local and international visitors.

The latest and proudest addition to the Conkers activity program is ‘The Enchanted Forest‘ that was opened in 2007. Here visitors are able to embark on a nature adventure, while experiencing the world form the viewpoint of a bug or small animal. Children and parents will get caught in the spiders’ web, crawl through tunnels that were made by worms, take a few minutes to take in the wonders of being a chick in an eagle’s nest and climb to the tree tops for a panoramic view of the jungle they set out to conquer. With so many energetic and exciting activities and adventures available, it is only fitting that Conkers hosts events that are just as tantalizing and imaginative as the exhibits.

Each year Conkers puts on the Conkers Live Aid Concert in the Waterside Amphitheatre. The concert took place on the 4th and 5th of May and it was a huge success. The concert’s goal is to raise funds for various charity organizations and all the artists that perform, do so at no cost. They offer their time, talent and performances at no charge, to be part of a greater good and lend a helping hand to those in need.

The Conkers Live Aid Concert is a tribute concert and various talented musicians entertain the crowds with tribute performances to Elton John, Brian Adams, Bon Jovi, Simple Minds and Green Day. Many genres are covered and the audience also heard popular songs of Kylie, Britney Spears, David Bowie, Tina Turner and many more of their favorite tunes. Performances are professional and brilliant and audience members always enjoy every minute of the evening.

A special mention should be given to the artists that make the Conkers Live Aid Concert possible each year, as their sacrifice and dedication to the event and it’s purpose, fills the hearts of many and improves the lives of the less fortunate with every musical note that fills the air.