Detroit Music Awards – 25 April 2008

The Detroit Music Awards were first held in 1988, and the event is hosted by Motor City Music Foundation (MCMF). It is an awards evening that pays respect and gives recognition to all musicians and artists within the Detroit region. Every music genre is included, so ticket holders will see their favorite nominees, whether they perform Folk, Rock, Electronic, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blue, R&B or Pop. It is an awards event that has seen many famous names walk through its doors and continues to unite musicians with their fans.

There are three phases to the selection process, resulting in a selection of winning artists. In the first phase, known as the Submission Phase, anyone is able to submit their nominations in the different categories for the artists, recordings, etc. There is no limit to the number of submissions or artists. During the Nomination Phase, the registered Detroit Music Awards voters are advised that the selection lists have been compiled from phase one, and only these voters will be able to select nominations. Voters look through the names, and select bands, artists and performers in each category, according to the requirements that are set out by the Detroit Music Awards.

The registered voters also take part in the final Voting Phase, where nominations in each category have been compiled by phase two. During this phase the top nominees are then selected. At present, there are an estimated three thousand registered voters, they come from the musical industry in the Detroit area, and consist of club managers, booking agents, musicians, sound technicians and representatives.

Deciding who will perform on the evening is always a difficult process as there are so many worthy artists and bands, and only about eight slots to fill. The Advisory Council and Executive Board Member committee are given this hair-raising task, and generally look to invite performers who are able to engage the audience, ensure a diverse program, are known to the audience and represent their music genre well. By remaining true to these guidelines the organizers ensure that the audience is not only intrigued by the mystery of waiting for the winners to be announced, but entertained by the performances during the evening.

p>With names such as Kid Rock, the Brothers Groove, Iggy Pop, Bob Seger, Glenn Frey and Smokey Robinson having graced the stage previously, there are sure to be delightful surprises in store for the 2008 Detroit Music Awards that takes place on 25 April 2008, at the Fillmore, which was previously known as the State Theatre. Anyone who is interested in music and entertainment should ensure that they purchase their tickets in advance, so as not to miss out on the thrill and excitement of this magnificent event.