Enrico Caruso, The Man With Voice of Angels

Born in Naples, Italy in 1873, Enrico Caruso is regarded by many as having the greatest voice to ever grace the stage. As a tenor, Caruso set the standard for those who have followed his operatic footsteps. With a voice known for its range, power, and beauty, he left a legacy that is still felt today.

For the first twenty years of the 20th century, Caruso was the most popular entertainer in the world. During his career, he recorded over 260 phonographic records, which earned him millions of dollars. His recording of Pagliacci was the first to sell a million copies. One of his greatest achievements was his reign as the lead male vocal talent at the Metropolitan Opera in New York for seventeen years. For those who perform on the world opera stage, an invite to this hollowed hall is a crowning achievement, but for Caruso it was a career that has yet to be matched.

In Brooklyn New York, a museum has been established in honor of this great musician. There is a large collection of personal belongings such as, photographs, clothing, his pipes, and a death mask, which was made at the time of his passing. One of the best features of this museum is the small twenty seat movie house that show pictures of the great tenor and the silent film, My Cousin, which Caruso made and had duel parts. The museum is by appointment only and should be visited by everyone who is a lover of great music.