Estelle to Play Live in UK

Global music sensation Estelle has just announced that she will be returning to her home country to play two very special shows – one in London and one in Manchester. The Brit is so at home in her adopted city New York that few realize that she is actually from West London.

The singer, songwriter, producer and rapper has already won numerous awards for her exciting and popular songs. She’s already had a busy year since she has spent ample time gearing up for re-entry into the musical landscape after her move from London to NYC in May 2007. The 28-year-old certainly wasn’t about to rest on her laurels and got busy working on her second album “Shine”. Not only was “Shine” short listed for a Mercury Award, but the single “American Boy” on the album was released with massive success, climbing the charts and getting stuck at number one for a period.

Her continued work ethos shows that Estelle Swaray is a very hands-on kind of person. Not only does she write and sing her own songs but she chose John Legend’s new Homeschool label as the platform from which she made her American debut. Homeschool’s philosophy works around giving the artists a great deal of control and great, soulful music – two things that you can be sure that Estelle made sure there were plenty of. Nevertheless her new album was very different from the first, since she brought in a number of other producers and artists to inspire and help her in the creative process. Big names in the industry such as Wyclef Jean, and Kanye West all lent their talents to the album to further ensure that it was a massive success. Her 2004 debut album, in stark contrast, was totally self-created. However the immense popularity of her new album is perhaps a testament to the success of having a few great tips from people in the business.

According to John Legend, “her sound is a unique blend of hip hop, pop, reggae and soul”. Legend also said that “she has a special voice, unlike any other voice out there in mainstream music, and she can really write”. He further added that he was excited and honored to have Estelle as the first artists on his label. Estelle will be hitting her home country in November when she will no doubt enjoy massive support. She will be playing at Academy 2 in Manchester on Friday 28 and Indigo 2 in London on Saturday 29. Ticket prices are incredibly affordable, so fans should make sure that they book now to avoid disappointment.