Gospel Music in Italy – Musicians

Gospel music in Italy? It’s a match made in…well….Heaven.

And why not – espousing the very ideals that the Pope would have us cherish, Gospel music in Italy continues to thrive in ways that anyone who isn’t a fan of the genre would be hard-pressed to believe.

During the last 20 years, Gospel music in Italy has been re-discovered. Not just during traditional periods like Christmas and Easter, but all year-long thanks to a constant influx of Gospel artists from the United States who have discovered an untapped market for this secular and uplifting music.

Gospel music in Italy has created its own festival circuit as well. Some of the most popular Gospel Music festivals in Italy are:

  • Roma Gospel Festival
  • Milano Gospel Festival
  • Jubilee Gospel Festival – Torino
  • Varese Gospel Festival
  • Asti Gospel Festival
  • Venice Gospel Festival
  • Easter Umbria Jazz Festival (which dedicates a portion of its activities to Gospel music)
  • Gospel in Castelbrando (Treviso)

But what is it about Gospel Music that has tapped into so much of the country’s collective consciousness? Certainly on the surface there’s a language issue to contend with. And although many of the featured acts on hand for Gospel Fests are Italian, just as many are American or English. So, apparently audiences in Italy do what audiences around the world tend to do as well — they focus on the elements they enjoy; not so much the words, but the rhythm and sounds and the uplifting spiritual atmosphere in general.

Gospel music in Italy – a spiritual message that translates into standing room only crowds where ever it is presented.