His Master’s Voice

The dog and trumpet trademark will remain an icon of early 20th century music for ever. ‘His Master’s Voice’ (HMV) opened its doors for the first time in the 1920s, which saw an explosion of many entertainment forms. HMV is a delightful company, which has never lost its gentle touch, though it has grown from London to a world-wide business, and though it has kept up with the times by extending from music to books, DVDs and games.

HMV will always have a special value for music lovers born in the first decade after World War II, for their growing up as adults and parents has been so well matched with the fortunes of HMV as well. The company makes a remarkable impression on the business world, albeit in understated manner, as it continues to prosper with grace and elegance amidst the frenzy of modern competition and rapidly-changing tastes.

Folk, country, and classical are some of the music genres in which HMV is especially rich, though it can delight the trendy with equal aplomb. HMV has over 200 retail stores in the United Kingdom alone, and has recently established an adequate Internet presence as well. HMV also has plans to develop its mail-order service, and music lovers will hope that it will rival Amazon in reliability and convenience.

The eminent role that HMV has played in bringing top quality recorded music within the reach of the public, is demonstrated by the fact that it was this company which first spotted the genius of the Beatles, when their Manager dropped in on HMV for a routine task. HMV has always been focused on providing the best of new music for its generations of loyal customers.

HMV’s acquisition of Waterstone adds synergy and value for all stakeholders. Waterstone’s superb retail service and expertise is a most suitable partner for HMV’s depth and breadth in music. Customers everywhere can rest assured that the HMV Group will continue to offer superior value both online and at physical outlets. The company is well set to continue its vanguard position in the future world of music.