Make Your Budget Go Further

The most expensive equipment used in a music concert is the PA system. The PA system consists of a minimum 100 watt system if you intend perform in public, a Power Pod Amplifier or Mixing Desk with integral power unit, a pair of Speakers microphones of your choice, long Speaker Leads and Microphone lead. It might be a good idea to get a monitor to help you hear your backing track and voice better.

A larger system of 150 – 300 watts is suitable for solo performers and small bands and will be perfect for most indoor or outdoor events. Together all this equipment will make your music sound louder and clearer. The separation of the individual contributions in a several piece band is more distinct.

When you are playing music or singing in a public place such as an auditorium or club you may be lucky to have the in house PA system available for use. In case it is not available it may be possible to hire the equipment for the evening. You could choose to work at venues that have their own band so you need not have to organize the equipment
If there are other performers it may even be possible to come to some kind of arrangement with them and to share the equipment.

If you prefer to be a self sufficient independent entertainer and are planning to buy your own PA system it is advisable to buy the biggest and most powerful system that you can afford. In today’s music world it is not possible to perform with out a PA system even for an orchestra. You should also budget for extra mikes, leads and perhaps even a speaker as a contingency against loss or failure of the equipment.

Most single performers and duos use backing tracks. A midi controlled device such as a computer with a sound card would work very well .A newer option is a CD player with a CD writer and recording facilities. Minidisk players are even more compact than CD players and you can use them to record, combine or delete tracks.