The Widest Choice

Why do so many people offer you free music? There has to be a reason for this explosion on the World Wide Web! There is no harm in it as long as you figure out the business model, and do not get taken for a ride. One major source of free music is from people who make iPods or similar devices on which you can download music and videos.

The other is to get you to visit relevant web sites regularly, because you are exposed to advertisements every time you decide to refresh or add to your Internet music collection.

Free Internet music sites may suit some people, but others can prefer to pay modest subscription fees, for significant additional benefits. Typically, the fee for a site from which only members can access music, is less than $50. This very affordable amount can deliver far more for real music lovers than the variety available from free sites. Here are some matters to consider before you choose a site, whether paid or free:

1. Variety: subscriptions can bring 10-100 million songs to your player. Now that is way above your immediate requirements, but it is nice to have plenty of genres and choices even if you change your selections frequently.

2. Movies: movies and video add loads of enjoyment over plain sound, especially if you are a movie freak. Even pure music lovers get hooked to a video facility, and besides you have to use all the features of your player!

3. Protection: some subscriptions will fetch programs to protect your hardware from crashing, losing downloads, or getting bitten by any electronic bug. Such protection comes on top of the music and video collection, and is a big plus if a kid brother surfs doubtful sites when you are not around!

4. Media: some sites make it easy to transfer music and video to CDs and DVDs. This matters if you spend long stretches away from a home base, or share downloads with friends.

5. Technical: people who access sites frequently will worry about how quickly you can download music. People unfamiliar with technical stuff will like sites which are easy to choose, with perhaps demonstration videos on how to make things work.

Free music may help the site owner more than you, and your interests may be better served by a subscription fee for a site designed with your exact needs in mind.