Meat Loaf’s Latest Release

Meat Loaf is one of the icons of rock music, with his distinctive voice and sound. The last album released by this music legend was in 2006: Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster is Loose. It was recently revealed that a new album is to hit the shelves in April, namely Hang Cool Teddy Bear. The album is said to have a fresh sound, while still retaining the features that Meat Loaf is known for. It also features a host of celebrity guest performers and musicians who combined their talents to produce Meat Loaf’s latest release.

What makes the album unique, is the fact that it follows the story of a soldier, which is best explained by Meat Loaf himself: “It’s the story of a soldier. He’s been in battle and he’s lying face down on the ground. He can’t move, but he turns his head and starts to see blood run across the ground, and so he thinks he’s going to die. They always say you see your life flash backwards you when you’re about to die. But his life flashes forward – into what possibly could happen. He sees what his life could be – the good and the bad. The songs are the different scenarios he finds himself in. It’s not always the same time or the same place – but it’s always the same woman. But I don’t want to give too much away – I want people to work it out for themselves.”

There are thirteen tracks on the album, namely Peace On Earth, Living On The Outside, Los Angeloser, If I Can’t Have You, Love Is Not Real, Like A Rose, Song Of Madness, Did You Ever Love Somebody, California Isn’t Big Enough, Running Away From Me, Lets Be In Love, If It Rains, and Elvis In Vegas. Some of the musicians who participated in performing songs for the album include Jamie Mulhoberac, Randy Flowers, Tim Pierce, Justin Hawkins, Chris Chaney, Brian May, Kasim Sulton and Paul Crook. Other stars, who were invited to contribute to the album were Jack Black, Hugh Laurie, Kara DioGuardi and Steve Vai. This comeback album is guaranteed to thrill Meat Loaf fans all over the world, and see the return of Meat Loaf to the current international music stage.