Moroccan Music Worth Celebrating

Every country has something in which it tops, and for Morocco it is music! The people of this country have natural affinities for music, and the beautiful countryside and the culture seem just right to create new sounds!

It is said that styles of music give glimpses of the way communities think and develop, and Morocco is a living example of this matter. Morocco’s special location with respect to the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, means that the myriad music forms prevalent in this heart-warming place make for splendid blends of the best of many worlds! Music is interwoven in to the very heart of Morocco, and it gives as generously to the world as it takes. Every music lover from anywhere can enjoy Moroccan music, and Moroccans will gladly listen to new tunes and styles without any negative bias.

We all enjoy music on special occasions to celebrate and to relax. Music at weddings and in cafes is universal by nature and custom, and Morocco is not lacking in this respect at all. However, every traveler will agree that nowhere is music as prevalent in everyday life as in Morocco. Small groups performing on the streets are common and endearing sights of Casablanca and other towns in the country. However, Moroccan music is not for simple pleasures alone. The classical form is so complex in structure, and uses such novel instruments that it is worthy of serious study by the academically inclined.

The exquisite and exceptional music tapestry of Morocco is why the Fez Festival is such a special occasion for all people. It is a pleasant reason to visit the enchanting country as well! Though the Fez Festival is billed as a Spiritual Music event, it is secular in appeal, and something to savor for its intrinsic music quality alone. Artists from as far as Japan have come to Fez to perform, and participation is sure to grow and to spread as the years go by. The technical arrangements may be basic by modern technological standards, but this only serves to enhance the emotional value of taking part in this unique music event.