MP3’s and iPods: Listening Etiquette

Headphones are a blessing for everyone! Recall when you were last upset by someone else playing music you did not like on a loudspeaker. Think of how listening to music on your personal recorder helps to keep you from unwanted intruders in public places, or how it makes waiting for whatever less unpleasant.

Here are a few thoughts about headphones:

  • Do not use headphones when you drive. It can distract attention from the road more than when you use the speaker system in your car. There is also the matter of your choice of music in such circumstances. Avoid anything that makes your eyelids heavy, unless you are secure behind an alert chauffeur!

  • Be watchful of schedule boards at airports and railway stations if you choose to listen to loud music through headphones. You do not want to miss a boarding call, a change of gate or platform, or anything else that matters for your security and schedule. We suggest that it may be best to wait and see what music the airline has to offer on board, or to discreetly practice your observation powers on fellow travelers!

  • Distinguish between a Music Channel open air event and your office! You do not want to gesticulate, wave candles or any such stuff when the boss is around, unless you have been hired to promote a new piece!

  • Stay away from public events at which you have roles, or just learn to doze while pretending to listen or to think. It is not done to have headphones on during a speech or an event, unless you use a simultaneous translation facility!

There are innumerable occasions everyday when we feel that our music and iPod’s as well as MP3 players have improved living so much. Yet, it is important to observe certain courtesies when enjoying music. Happy Listening!