MTV O Music Awards

MTV has announced the founding of a new awards ceremony, which will be called the O Music Awards. There is, however, much secrecy surrounding the awards, not giving fans much to go by, what they will see or how the awards will be allocated. As for categories, there seems to be much speculation regarding the issue as well. The fact that has been confirmed is it that it will take place on 28 April 2011. Head of the MTV Music Group Digital, Dermot McCormack, did answer some questions in regard to the awards, although the information still remains very vague.

Most fans would want to know what the “O” in O Music awards stands for. Apparently, the letter O was chosen to leave the name open to interpretation by fans. The “O” therefore does not carry any meaning at all. When it comes to categories, there will be a variety of innovative categories that are still being considered, such as the best fan site and Twitter feuds, meaning that that awards will most definitely be a unique and pioneering event. The voting process will be in the hands of the social media and it has been confirmed that more detail in regard to the voting will be released in the coming weeks. The MTV network described the awards as being created to “honor the migration of music to the digital space, and celebrate the art, artistry and technology of digital music.”

McCormack commented that MTV was known for pushing the boundaries, and that the O Music Awards will most certainly do that. As music and the digital world have begun to merge through various technologies and ways that artists interact with their fans, he was quoted saying: “The OMAs will celebrate the myriad of innovative and creative ways that the worlds of music and digital have joined forces to break new ground like never before. Award winners will include artists, innovative companies, fans and web celebrities.” It seems that the O Music Awards will be an event that is going to surprise and entertain, and it is going to be an event never seen before.