Music Videos Are a New Path to Fame

So you want to turn your love for music in to a profession? Perhaps you merely want to develop it as an alternate vocation. Instruments and recording need big bucks, so even an amateur status needs funding. Who would want that to come from one’s own reserves? However, performing rather than only listening in the music world is about more than money. Even the wealthy hanker for audiences, getting new people to enjoy their music creations, and holding their attention in a rapidly changing world.

Music and Management share only a first alphabet for some! Some students and practitioners of Management might have more than a passing interest in music, but it is rare for people who devote their lives to this performing art form to have any orientation or inclination for marketing, finance, and the other functions of business and commerce. However, music can be thought of as a service for people, and therein resides significant scope to use Management principles and methods.

Segmentation, targeting, and branding are strange pieces of jargon for pure and exclusive music lovers. Perhaps that is the way it should be, because genius or even any degree of talent in music terms is too precious to dilute or divert. However, that should not mean neglecting best practices in building following for new music. This could be in the form of a new genre, or just a new artist celebrating an existing style. So to cut to the chase, what can Management do to make you famous for your music?

Do not treat every potential fan as the same. Recognize that you have to accommodate the needs and wants of potential audiences in to your music. You cannot cater to individual whims except for the near and dear, but you can form categories in your mind in any case. Can you describe the type of people for who you crave to create music? How old are they, and where do they live? Which languages do they love? Do they flit from one music genre to another, or are they loyal like inveterate jazz fans? Think of your music videos – which colors will your audience love most, and could there be movements and behavior which will repel them?

You cannot please everyone, but you must define the cluster which you choose to serve with your music. You must fight the rebel within yourself, and make compromises putting the audience before your own music needs. You can always compose a few pieces to enjoy in private!

These are the essential differences from the classic and amateur approach to music, and the professional approach. Which one do you prefer for your route to fame?