Musical Spider Man

It has been a long road for the cast, directors and producers of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, but rehearsal dates have finally been set and the show should hit Broadway by the end of the year. The production of this show came to a screeching halt as financial difficulties and changes in the cast left the project in limbo. This daring project has a budget of over $50 million. But now it seems that all the problems have been sorted out, and excitement surrounding the production is reaching fever pitch again.

As in the original stories of Spider Man, the musical version of this iconic hero will follow the adventures of the soft spoken Peter Parker as he is transformed from a science nerd into a super hero. Taking on the villains of the city and exploring his new abilities, as well as his love life, audience members will be taken on a breathtaking journey of discovery, courage and daring stunts. Actor and musician Reeve Carney has been selected to play the role of Peter Parker, to bring the story based on the book by Glen Berger and Julie Taymor to life. Julie Taymor will be directing the production, while the music for Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark has been written by U2 front men Bono and the Edge.

It is the first time that these two talented musicians have tried their hand at writing a musical composition for Broadway, but they have managed to find a perfect balance between rock ‘n roll and opera. While leaving a personal and noticeable mark on the music, The Edge and Bono have also been able to bring in touches of opera, allowing audiences to emotionally relate to the characters and to the story through the music. Some songs are extremely character driven, which was an exciting challenge for the composing duo. The Edge commented: “There are some real character-driven songs as well, very unusual song types for us. It is much more like opera than a straight musical. We’re actually not calling it a musical for that reason because we don’t want to put people off.” With a staggering production budget, noteworthy cast members and musical scores done by Bono and The Edge, it seems that Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark is heading for success and Broadway glory.