Musicians: It takes Brains to Love Music!

The renowned scholar Howard Gardner has described 7 kinds of intelligence, and music is one of them. Most of us are aware that there are differences between being smart and being nice or polite. Now just as concrete intelligence differs from emotional intelligence, so musical or rhythmical intelligence has its own place in our minds and lives. Not everyone can appreciate music to the same extent, because not all of us cultivate our mental faculties in this direction.

Some children are born with high intelligence for music. They frequently sing or hum, and often unconsciously tap their fingers or a pencil to a beat. Such children are adept at distinguishing between different tones in a manner that most of their peers cannot do.

Intelligence in music involves thinking in terms of tones, melody, and rhythm. You need to recognize patterns in sounds, change them, and remember the lines and music with ease. Music remains constantly in the minds who cultivate this kind of intelligence, and they always have a tune which plays within them.

Fortunately, everyone can develop their mental faculties for music. This is best done in childhood, but nothing stops an adult from trying as well. 5 top things which all of us can do to improve our intelligence with respect to music are:

  • Join a band or a choir. You do not have to be exceptionally talented. You may have just a menial role, but it will develop your appreciation of music.

  • Learn to play an instrument. Again, you need not aim for professional standards. Even a basic knowledge of how to play will go a long way in raising your intelligence with respect to music.

  • Listen to all genres of music, and not just to the current rage in town. Make an effort to hear country music from global communities, and to revel in the marvelous range of human creations in the world of music.

  • Attempt to write songs. Perhaps no one to listen to them, but you will gain greatly by trying.

  • Read about famous musicians, what inspires them, and their views on worldly matters. There is much to learn from the best brains in music!

Why should anyone bother with music as a form of intelligence? The answer is that sounds relax and nourish the brain. Learning melodies is a fantastic way of working on a fading memory! Try some music today and see how you begin to think better!