New Warner/Chappell CEO

Warner Music Group is an internationally known establishment boasting various music labels, with associates in almost fifty countries around the world. One of the extensions of the Warner Empire is Warner/Chappel Music, which is a music publishing company with millions of copyrights. They specialize in the marketing of songwriters and promotion of musicians, and have worked with big names in the industry such as Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, Timbaland and many more. Just recently the reins to this lucrative company have been handed over to a new CEO, Cameron Strang.

Cameron Strang is no stranger in the music industry, as he is a well know music entrepreneur. After graduating in 1992 from UBC Law School, Strang was involved with Southside Independent Music Publishing and became founder and co-founder to New West Records and DMZ Records respectively. While with Southside Independent Music Publishing, Strang assisted with the release of many of the latest songs to hit the charts, such as “Wavin’ Flag” (K’naan), and songs from Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon. At present David Johnson is the CEO and Chairman of Warner/Chappell, and after his departure on 1 July 2011, Strang will take over the role as Chairman as well.

Edgar Bronfman Jr., the Chief Executive of Warner Music, made a statement to the press in regard to Strang’s appointment, saying “Cameron’s impressive track record of identifying and signing some of the industry’s most successful emerging songwriters and catalogs and his proven success as an entrepreneur make him the ideal executive to lead Warner/Chappell. He’ll be a great fit for the progressive and entrepreneurial culture that exists within WMG.”

Bronfman also thanked Johnson for his leadership, expressing his gratitude, “I want to offer Dave my profound gratitude for his extraordinary stewardship of Warner/Chappell over the past few years. Originally I asked Dave to serve as CEO on an interim basis while we conducted a search for a permanent leader. But it became quickly apparent that the leadership skills, judgment and ability to recruit top executive talent that led to Dave’s success in the legal world also made him the right choice to guide Warner/Chappell through a critical period. During his tenure, Dave has delivered excellent results at Warner/Chappell, including dramatic growth in both synch and digital revenue, and assembled an industry-leading music production business through the acquisition of the Non-Stop, V, Carlin, GrooveAddicts and 615 Music libraries. Dave has proven to be a versatile and highly capable executive who can succeed in a variety of roles, and I can’t thank him enough for his significant contributions to Warner/Chappell and WMG.”

Cameron Strang assumed his position as CEO of Warner/Chappell on 1 January 2011, and it is expected that great moments will arise in future with Strang at the helm.