New World Record Set by Kevin Bath

When the multi talented Canadian, Kevin Bath, announced: “Each week starting October 1 2006 and ending September 23 2007, I will set a new world record by releasing a CD a week for a year. Each album has eight original songs, written, performed, recorded and released by me”, there were mixed reactions. Some thought him crazy, others were wondering if it was at all possible, and many did not foresee that he would be triumphant in his quest.

To accomplish this astronomical music feat, Kevin Bath had to set aside his personal life for a year, which is pretty hard to do if you are a father and a husband. He would ensure that he had completed his tracks by the Thursday evening, so that he only had to concentrate on mixing them before releasing the CD on the Sunday. This magnificent dedication to setting a world record meant that Kevin Bath had managed to write four hundred and sixteen original songs in the space of 365 days, one full year.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, long time musician and producer, gave him an advantage – he had the knowledge to take on a world record. Bath trained himself to be an engineer so that he was able to cover every aspect of the world record himself and motivated himself to remain focused on his goal. Of course, Kevin received tons of well wishes and encouragement from all across the world, from people who had heard about his goals or read about his challenge on a website. To keep the public interested in his music, Kevin Bath incorporated various music genres into his albums, such as reggae, dance, pop, folk and a little something for the children.

Now that he has achieved his goal, Bath hopes to be able to take his time in compiling a greatest hits album from the tracks he created this year. But this time he won’t have the time constraints, and can work on the album in between spending time with his family and on stage. He has sent in his application to the Guinness Book of Records to be inducted, but will have to wait a few months for their reply. One thing about this entire experience that Kevin Bath will miss, is the support and generosity in well wishes that were sent from all the corners of the earth.