Outside Lands Festival 2010

During the famous gold rush days of San Francisco, The Golden Gate Park was referred to as the Outside Lands. On the maps of the 1860s the park area was desolate and uninhabitable, but as the city began to expand and grow the park became a part of the city in the year 1866. Today the Golden Gate Park is no longer a waste land but a thriving attraction that draws millions of visitors each year, offering tranquil lakes, museums, endless grassy meadows and historical monuments to those who enter through its gates. It is also the venue of the annual Outside Lands Festival, which will be hosted in August this year.

The Golden Gate Park will come alive with art and music during the 2010 Outside Land Festival, which has some of the most popular artists and bands confirmed for the festival. Some of the artists who will be performing at the festival include Pearl Jam, Tom Jones, West Indian Girl, Band of Horses, Black Eyed Peas, Modest Mouse, Mastodon, Zap Mama, Midnite, Bat For Lashes, Cage The Elephant, Tenacious D, M.I.A, Lenka, Deerhunter, Built To Spill, and many more. Performances will vary each day, so festival goers will have to refer to the festival program to ensure that they do not miss their favorite entertainer. There will also be autograph signing sessions and night shows to look forward to.

The festival will include numerous special features for visitors to explore, such as the Taste Of The Bay. San Francisco has always prided itself on providing some of the best cuisine and, to give out of town visitors the opportunity to enjoy the flavor of the city, a variety of restaurants have come together to bring their tasty treats to the festival. The Barbary is another wonderful initiative at the festival, where theatrical and variety groups will be performing, including The Madd Vibe Orchestra, Vau de Vire Society, Yard Dogs Road and Gooferman. Crowdfire allows festival goers to upload their pictures and festival videos, as well as Twitter streams, adding an interactive touch to the festivities. The Outside Lands Festival is gearing up to be an unforgettable art and musical spectacular.