Pasadena Springs to Life on 21 June

The Fete de la Musique events were started in 1982, in France, as a marketing tool to promote music of all genres and to encourage new talents. As the years went by, the Fete de la Musique started to attracts spectators and participants of all ages, and slowly the idea started to take form and is today the biggest celebration of music the world has ever seen. With events take place in more than a hundred countries, with over three hundred cities participating, Los Angeles has decided to bring a Fete de la Musique event to the streets of Pasadena with the Make Music Pasadena festival.

Make Music Pasadena will kick off at ten o’clock in the morning on 21 June 2008, and fill all corners of the city with music until ten o’clock at night. It gives amateur musicians the opportunity to confirm their performance with festival organizers, and participate in this landmark event. The goal of Make Music Pasadena is similar to that of the Fete de la Musique – to encourage young artists to develop their talents, to help the public rediscover the magic of music and to unite the city with music for an entire day!

There will be four massive stages set up in the streets of Pasadena, where professional musicians will entertain the crowds. Upcoming musicians, shower singers and even at home karaoke enthusiasts are being egged on to take their instrument and vocal talents to the streets, sidewalks, rooftops, bus stops and any other area they see fit as their stage for the day. Courtyards, alleys, balconies, museum steps, park benches, building lobbies and many other unconventional platforms will come alive with music and entertainment for one day.

Spectators and audience members are requested to sing along and dance with performers, and those who can’t sing are welcome to break into a whistle. Music genres for all ages will be showcased throughout the city, including jazz, pop, rock, Latin, blues, country, reggae, classic, R&B and many more. Discovering new talent, swaying to old tunes and filling every corner of Pasadena is what the Make Music Pasadena hopes to achieve. And from the anticipation and excitement already generated at the prospect of the festival, it is easy to predict that there will not be a quiet house, flat, park, street, or building in Pasadena on the 21st of June.