Popkomm 2007 – Europe’s Premier Music Industry Event

Popkomm is a world renowned music festival and trade show for the music and entertainment industry in Europe. This massive international event, held each year in Berlin, attracts thousands of interested individuals from the world over. This year’s Popkomm Trade Show will be held from 19 to 21 September.

It was in 1989 that Popkomm was first introduced to the world. Originally it was a gathering of lesser-known independent musicians in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1990 it was moved to Cologne were it started developing as an international business platform. Then, in 2004, Popkomm made its home in Berlin and has been hosted in the city ever since.

Popkomm has become famed as a great place to enter the European market and its exceptional program has attracted those involved in the music business, concert industry, fashion world, film industry and advertising arena. Popkomm offers an all-round event with an impressive trade show, well-attended festival, fascinating congress and the popular Innovation in Music and Entertainment Award.

The Popkomm Trade Show is an important event for all involved in the entertainment and music business. Over the years, the exhibition hall at Popkomm has seen many great publishers, labels, distributors and enterprises representing themselves in this trade show. Large numbers of trade visitors flock to the exhibition each year. Popkomm 2006 saw 817 exhibitors and more than 15,000 trade visitors from countries around the world. This has resulted in an economic boost for the industry and much business was generated at the show.

Another important event during Popkomm is the Popkomm Congress. This is a prestigious meeting of high-profile representatives in the industry where they discuss a variety of hot topics in panel discussions, workshops and forums. During the proceedings, items such as live music, mobile entertainment, digital music and so forth will be discussed.

The Popkomm Festival is an exceptional event gives attendees insight into music industry trends as well as showcasing a variety of artists from the world over. At the 2006 Festival, some 2,000 musicians performed and provided over 600 hours of live music for 70,000 spectators. Musicians of all genres appeared on stage and broadened its appeal to new audiences. Artists, publishers, managers and record labels desiring to participate in the 2007 Popkomm Festival can do so now on with the Popkomm Internet website but watch the 15 May deadline.

Another eagerly awaited aspect of Popkomm is the Popkomm-IMEA (Innovation in Music and Entertainment Award). Popkomm is dedicated to innovation and the trend setting so the IMEA honors those youthful entrepreneurs and musicians who have developed interesting and creative business ideas. The enterprise which wins the award is rewarded with a Venture Capitalist BMP AG workshop, media coverage, a free stand at Popkomm and free accreditation at next year’s Popkomm.

Indeed, Popkomm in Berlin is an important and exciting event for all those involved in the music industry, both in Europe and throughout the world. So to find out more about this popular event, or to apply to participate as an artist or music professional visit the Popkomm website.