Prague – Europe’s Unofficial Capital of Blues

During the day, visitors mill around Prague’s city-center and feed its ever-growing niche of the tourism industry. But at night, long after the sun has set, Prague more than lives up to its name as Europe’s unofficial capital of Rhythm and Blues.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another destination in Europe that has embraced so many musical genres and called them its own.

Prague’s underground music scene is just what it claims to be. Long-lost vaults and cellars that for years provided a bastion for free thought during the communist regime, have now evolved into jazz and blues clubs. Among the literally dozens of clubs that come to life after dark, the Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club (Tyn 2/640, Prague 110 00, Tel: 420 2 24895748) is one of the most noteworthy.

Founded in 2000 to play jazz, blues, fusion and funk for audiences from around the world, the Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club is located in the heart of Prague, a mere 110 steps (o-k, about 130 steps if you have small feet) from Prague’s Old Town Square.

A unique European jazz and blues venue located in a historic subterranean vault. You’ll have to watch your step while descending, but along the way, the hustle and bustle sight-seeing and tourism give way to a smoke-filled ambiance that more often than not is accentuated by soulful saxophone melodies or livelier tunes with a heavy bass beat.

A very unique live music venue and bar situated in a historical subterranean room that dates from the 15th century, the Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club features performances 7 days a week with top national performers, special guests and local talent.

Way past midnight when you work your way back up to the city streets, you’ll realize that Prague’s Jazz and Blues scene functions best away from the prying eyes of the masses and is a rare treat for connoisseurs of great music.