Radiohead 2008 Tour is Not to be Missed

In October 2007, Radiohead released their seventh album, “In Rainbows”. Using an innovative way of reaching their fans, Radiohead released the album via their website as a download – and fans could decide what they would like to pay for it. This unconventional, and somewhat risky, venture revealed to these talented musicians what their fans thought their music was worth. Fans loved the idea and were generous in putting a monetary value to their favorite band’s music. But what was even more exciting for fans at the time of the album’s release, was Jonny Greenwood’s announcement of the Radiohead 2008 Tour.

The Radiohead 2008 Tour is set to kick off on Monday 8 May at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Following performances at eight venues in the United States, Radiohead will start the European leg of their tour with two performances at Malahide in Dublin, Ireland, on Friday 6 June and Saturday 7 June. After touring through ten European countries, the band will complete this leg of the tour on Tuesday 8 July with a concert at Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany. The tour picks up again in New York on Friday 8 August and Radiohead jet off to Japan at the beginning of October 2008. It is evident from the number of sold out venues that fans can’t wait to welcome Radiohead to their cities.

Radiohead are based in Oxfordshire in the south east of England. The musicians making up the band are Thom Yorke on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, electronics and piano; Jonny Greenwood on lead guitar and a variety of other instruments; Colin Greenwood on bass guitar and synthesizers; Ed O’Brien on guitar and backing vocals; and drummer and percussionist, Phil Selway.

Radiohead started off as a group called “On a Friday”, referring to the band’s standard rehearsal day in the music room of Abingdon School, which they all attended. Most of the group went on to university, but continued to rehearse on weekends and holidays. Co-owner of Oxford’s Courtyard Studios, Chris Hufford and his partner Bryce Edge realized that On a Friday had huge potential and became their managers, and still are. The band signed a six-album contract with EMI in 1991 and, inspired by the title song on Talking Heads’ album “True Stores”, they changed their name to Radiohead.

The band’s first single, “Creep”, was released in 1992 with their debut album, “Pablo Honey”, following in 1993. Radiohead kept growing in popularity with each successive EMI record label release – “The Bends” in 1995, “OK Computer” in 1997, “Kid A” in 2000, “Amnesiac” in 2001 and “Hail to the Thief” in 2003. Breaking away from EMI, Radiohead released their 7th album “In Rainbows” through their website, following up with store releases in late 2007. The album has received very positive views and is considered by many to be the band’s best work yet.

Fans can expect the concert of a life-time from Radiohead – so make sure you are there and book now.