Robert Plant and Band of Joy

Before the days of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant was a part of a band by the name of Band of Joy. They performed in various venues across England from 1966 to 1968, and are still remembered today. Even though Led Zeppelin has shown no interest in participating in a reunion event, Robert Plant has brought Band of Joy back to life for a United States tour. Performances are scheduled throughout the month of July, and fans will be able to look forward to an album being released by the band closer to the end of the year.

There are twelve dates confirmed for the tour, with cities including Memphis (13 July), Little Rock (15 July), Tulsa (16 July), Albuquerque (18 July), Phoenix (20 July), Tucson (21 July), Dallas (23 July), Houston (24 July), Austin (26 July), Mobile (28 July), Clearwater (30 July) and Miami (31 July). The touring band will consist of Robert Plant (Vocals), John Bonham (Drummer), Marco Giovino (Drummer), Buddy Miller (Guitarist), Darrell Scott (Multi-Instrumentalist and Songwriter), Byron House (Bassist) and Patty Griffin (Vocals and Songwriter). This celebrity line-up of artists and musicians will be entertaining audiences across the country with new songs and sounds that the band has working on. Robert Plant expressed his excitement in regard to the new line-up of songs, saying: “It’s been a blast working on these new songs… and I’m enjoying such creativity and vitality”, adding that everyone in the group has been able to embrace the new direction they were working towards.

Buddy Miller will also be co-producing the new album that is being released at the end of 2010, with the last album released by Robert Plant – Raising Sand – on which he collaborated with Alison Krauss. The album went multi-platinum and fans all over the world are waiting in anticipation for his next release. To see this musical legend in action, music enthusiasts are encouraged to get their tickets to one of the twelve venues as soon as possible, as it is gearing up to be a memorable tour filled with entertainment, music and celebrated artists.