Spears Gets Bambi Prize in Germany

It’s not everyday that you hear of American pop stars traveling all the way to Germany to pick up a celebrated media award – yet that is exactly what Britney Spears did recently when she was honored with a Bambi Award in the little German town of Offenburg.

When the 26-year-old singer touched down in Germany she seemed composed and at ease. That’s quite something when you consider what a rough couple of years the pop star has had. Things have been especially tough for the pop princess who seems to always have the media breathing down her neck, ready to snap the next ‘sleazy’ photograph and cook up a juicy story to go with it. First, it seemed as though her career might be slipping through her fingers when her ‘Gimme More’ performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards became a flop instead of a successful comeback. Critics pointed fingers at everything – her singing, her dancing, her costume and even her weight. A radical cry for help saw her shave all her hair in desperation. Domestic troubles escalated and ex-husband Kevin Federline was eventually granted sole custody of their children while her substance abuse problem and fragile mental state were plastered across tabloids all over the country. These are all above-average problems that would make most normal people crumble. Yet somehow it seems that Britney Spears has found her way back to the top.

The Bambis are one of Germany’s top media awards. Though they were originally started as a film award in 1948, they have since branched out into a number of different categories, including politics, sports, economics and entertainment. Ironically, while most people have slammed Spears for her reactions to her hardships, the Germans have chosen to honor her for her courage under duress and her struggle to regain control of her life. It seems her surprisingly powerful comeback was the main reason she was chosen for the Bambi award. Her courage in the face of difficulties and her successful return to the mainstream are seen as admirable traits and some magazines have even gone so far as to call her a role model for young women. Britney Spears also performed her song ‘Womanizer’ at the gala ceremony and was joined by Meg Ryan, Keanu Reeves, Lewis Hamilton, Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger who also received Bambis at the 60th annual Bambi Awards. The pop singer has since been jetting around the world for various special occasions and has announced the dates for an upcoming tour.