Sublime California

Music is nothing without an audience and appreciation of all genres of music will only increase if people have the opportunities to listen to live music in the company of others like them – keen and seeking to learn more.

We feature three unusual opportunities in California where people can listen to and appreciate performances literally for a song. The venues are unusual and the music sublime and more than that the mission behind these ventures is to be appreciated as much as the music.

Since 1948 Sunday Live has been the favorite live music broadcast show over radio in Los Angeles. It has nurtured two generation of music lovers and its importance is greater than ever before now that most schools no longer teach music. Sundays Live presents free classical chamber music concerts and recitals by leading professional artists from all over the world. Every Sunday these one-hour concerts are held at the Leo S. Bing Theater of the Museum of Art. This is required attendance for many music appreciation courses in Southern California colleges.

Music and Conversations is the brainchild of well known composer Jane Brockman. It is an attempt to bring back the ambience to appreciate music that existed over two hundred years ago. The mission is to cross the barrier between musicians and audience. These intimate performances are held in homes like they were in mansions in the 18th century. Currently they are held in the Mt. Washington, LA home of Alan Goldman. The lack of a formal stage breaks the barrier between the performer and his audience. People seem to enjoy this close-up performance of brilliant performers. It is followed by discussions over wine, all for a very nominal charge.

Santa Barbara City College Music Department presents Harold Dunn Memorial Concert Series in venues appropriate to the music. For a very nominal charge the public has a chance to listen to and appreciate several genres of music. The finale concert of the finest high school choirs from California at the Santa Barbara Choral Festival was held in a church. Classic and contemporary works leading composers are also presented. The Santa Barbara City College Concert Band premiered the arrangements by principal cornetist Ted Richey based on the melodies of Nat King Cole!