SXSW 2014 : Highlighting New Talent

Continuing its successful run since its debut in 1987, the immensely popular South by Southwest (SXSW) is set to happen on March 8-17 in Austin, Texas. Music lovers will especially be interested in the event’s program from March 11-17 which features hundreds of new artists presenting a wide variety of sounds with loads of enthusiasm. More than 25,000 music industry professionals will be attending six nights of concerts performed at over 100 venues by more than 2,000 acts from 55 countries. Make sure you’re among them.

In addition to showcasing up-and-coming talent, SXSW 2014 offers discussion panels, talks, conferences, a Trade Show, and a Music Gear Expo. This is one of the best venues for networking within the music industry to boost careers and learn about the many facets of the music industry – all valuable information for artists hoping to make their passion their career.

With so much new talent on hand festival-goers will be hard-pressed to decide what to dedicate their time to. The SXSW website has all the info necessary to work out a plan for getting the most out the event. Musicians/groups/artists are listed under various categories – Alternative Country; Americana; Avant/Experimental; Bluegrass; Blues; Classical; Country; Dance; DJ; Electronic; Folk; Funk; Gospel; HipHop/Rap; Jazz; Latin; Latin Reggae; Latin Rock; Metal; Pop; Punk; R&B; Reggae; Rock; SingerSonwriter; Tejano; and World – with links to their individual pages featuring a short bio and a sampler of their music. The date, time and venue of performances are listed and festival-goers have the option to make a personalized schedule of what they want to see.

When SXSW started in 1987 it had 700 registrants, by 2013 this figure had grown to almost 12,000. It is the single biggest money-spinner for the local economy. In addition to the music events, SXSW features a Film Festival and Interactive Festival, the latter focusing on the latest trends in the fast-moving world of technology.