The 2008 RFT Music Showcase Results

During this time of the year all eyes are turned to the RFT Music Showcase Awards as the winners are announced and praised for their work in the industry. This year was no different and the 2008 RFT Music Awards saw musicians from a diverse array of music styles from different ages being recognized for their work. Join us as we take a look at who took the awards home at this year’s prestigious event, which took place on Tuesday, June 10.

Many of the musicians in this year’s categories were insanely close, but in the end it would seem that the best musicians won. The groups who claimed the top three votes were the old-school garage-rock group the Trip Daddys, the blues masters Bottoms Up Blues Gang, and the masters of reggae Murder City Players. All three groups played at the awards ceremony and are widely enjoyed. Runner-up groups/artists included master of jazz Erin Bode, hip-hop/rock hybrid the Midwest Avengers, the legendary Bottle Rockets, the 7 Shot Screamers and The Conformists.

Other winners were the Rum Drum Ramblers, who took the Best Americana/Folk category and Nick Acquisto who took the prize for Best Self-Released Local Album. The Best Hard Rock/Metal Band category prize was taken by Shame Club, while Blind Eyes Prevailing took Best New Artist. 7 Shot Screamers also won Best Live Act. All these groups faced tough competition and only just managed to claim their prizes. The musicians can be proud of their hard work and these awards are recognition of their contribution to the industry and popularity. The RFT Music Showcase Awards are a good example of how the local music scene is as strong as ever and that musical tastes are certainly not just limited to one or two music styles. Diverse genres, die-hard and legendary musical acts and inspiring newcomers have all made their way onto the list. These are the groups and musicians that make the heart of St. Louis continue to beat. No doubt all of the nominees deserved their awards and the final selection is a good indication of how the public view these groups in general. The winners of the 2008 RFT Music Awards have certainly earned a heartfelt congratulation and will no doubt continue to receive much support from their abundance of fans.