The Live Earth Concert – Saving the Planet Through Music

There are hundreds of thousands of people who not only have a passion for music but who also care about the earth’s environment and how it is being affected by global warming. The Live Earth Concert is a massive musical event which will be this year, on July 7, 2007. The concert is designed to inspire action against global warming and pollution and hopefully that is exactly what it will do. In all there are seven concerts – on one each content – and each musical concert is held on the same day.

What makes the Live Earth concerts truly amazing is that the concert reaches a global audience. The music genres are varied and draws rich and diverse listeners. Concerts are held all over the world to reach and attract as many people as possible. Audiences are encouraged to learn more about global warming and to take action against this potential threat to the earth’s delicate environmental balances.

The main music genres at the Live Earth Concert is pop and rock with top musical acts from around the globe enlisted to help raise awareness about this climatic phenomenon.

Live Earth is a part of the Save Our Selves (SOS) global movement. Although this umbrella organization is still relatively new, it is already making strides in the area of raising the world’s awareness on issues of environmental issues. The idea of using the concerts to create awareness comes in the wake of several similar successful events such as the Live Aid concerts of 1985 and the Human Rights Now World Tour of 1988.

Of course each the sheer size and logistics of holding seven huge concerts on seven different continents is a massive undertaking. And while not everyone will be able to attend the show, audiences will be able to see the concert “live” on television. Organizers hope that the television coverage will ensure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy at least a part of the event.

The Live Earth Concert will be broadcasted by radio coverage and MSN has agreed to promote and cover the event on the internet to ensure that millions of people can have access to the music and message. All in all event organizers hope to reach an audience of roughly two billion people. Even though that is a massive number of people, it is but a small percentage of the roughly 6 billion people that currently inhabit the world.

In Africa, the Live Earth Concert will take place in the Cradle of Human Kind near Johannesburg, South Africa while in North America the concert will be held in Giants Stadium. South America will host Live at Copacabana Beach. Other venues include the Oriental Pearl Tower in China, the Tokyo Dome in Japan, Wembley Stadium in London and the Aussie Stadium in Moore Park, Australia.

More than 150 artists will be invited to perform at Live Earth 2007 and with a number of big names in the music industry having already agreed to play, this concert is a must see this year. So no matter which of the seven continents you call home, start making your travel plans now and book early. Get your ticket now to make sure that you don’t miss Live Earth 2007- a concert of the decade!