The Texas Oktoberfest – Immerse Yourself in German Music

If you enjoy traditional German music and good, family fun, then you simply have to be in Fredericksburg, Texas, for the annual Oktoberfest this year! This tribute to the German heritage of the town is a great way to spice up your month.

Fredericksburg is situated in Gillespie Country in Texas. It was founded by Baron Otfried Hans von Meusebach in 1864 and was mainly settled by a number of educated, liberal Germans who were fleeing the failed Revolution of 1848. This led to the town enjoying a very strong German heritage, which it still enjoys today. In fact, Fredericksburg is the only place in the world where Texas German – a dialect of ordinary German – was spoken. Fredericksburg is also notable for the fact that the early inhabitants of the town refused to own slaves and they are still the only US town to have not broken their Indian-Anglo treaty that was made with the natives living in the region at the time. This is certainly a favorable heritage worth savoring and once a year, during the month of October, the inhabitants of Fredericksburg get together to enjoy ‘Oompah at its best’.

The annual Oktoberfest takes place in Downtown Market Square on 100 West Main Street. It combines festive, traditional German music with family fun and is always a huge success. Polka, waltz, line dancing and two-step are part of the dancing line-up while three stages host the best German music available. The festival generally lasts just one weekend, but more than 20 different German bands perform during the course of the event. Music plays a major role during the festival and there is certainly no shortage of it. Food and drink concession stands will keep your stomach happy, while arts and crafts displays will give you plenty to look at. There is also a children’s area and plenty of family-orientated fun so you can bring your loved ones with to join in on the fun.

The Oktoberfest in Texas has become an annual tradition which is celebrated across the globe and Fredericksburg is certainly a fitting place for such a great musical festival to be held. This year the festival will take place between the 5th and 7th of October and there will be a small cover charge payable for adults and children over the age of 6. There is no better place to celebrate this great facet of the German culture, so why not consider making it a part of your annual calendar. Come and enjoy the fun and music at the Fredericksburg Oktoberfest this year.