Try Something New!

How does a new style or genre of music emerge? Why does the world reject so many new tunes everyday, but take to others in such gigantic waves? Why are some classical forms more valued now than in the ages when they were first produced? It is easier to explain why we tire of some music and look for variety, but can anyone explain what we will like? More importantly, can we express our own talents in ways that others would love to hear?

The Internet makes it possible for anyone to record music that they create or even re-create in a new format. However, the publishing ease does nothing for tuning our inspiration and creativity to the needs of an audience. Perhaps some people are born with such music genius that their compositions, voices, and instrument abilities are instant hits for ever, but is there a method to clone an Elvis in a systematic way.

No new music has ever been created this way-until now. However, the phenomenon of Wizard Rock may hold some light for those of us who struggle to find new expressions of music. The unprecedented popularity of the writings of Rowling is understandable though it has never been matched. Children are attracted magnetically to the character of Harry Potter because intrigue and fantasy are integral to human psyche. Even adults can hardly put down a Harry Potter book, and a new edition is such a global event!

Wizard Rock stems from the Harry Potter craze. It gives some insight in to how music may be born in our minds. Those of us who have no leads to find new music within ourselves, or from the work of the best artists of our times and of the past, may make sudden discoveries of treasures from the Wizard Rock style. It may be too soon to say for sure whether Wizard Rock will become big enough to be labeled as a genre, but it does certainly show a way to find ideas for new music! No one but you can decide whether you like Wizard Rock, but you must give it a try!