Universal Deal for Coldplay

In 1997 the alternative rock group Coldplay was established, with Chris Martin as both the frontman and lead singer. Jonny Buckland supported Martin as lead guitarist, with Will Champion joining as the drummer, together with bassist Guy Berryman. The group has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, and has enjoyed many successful albums such as A Rush of Blood to the Head, Parachutes and LP 5. Now with another album underway, to be released next year, Coldplay has resigned with Universal Music Publishing in what is believed to be one of the most substantial contracts of their career.

Universal is the largest firm in the music business, and resigning with the company is a wonderful new start for the band. Of course Coldplay have most definitely deserved the right to another contract, as they have built up a massive fan base and have sold over fifty million copies of their albums on the international music market. The band has also won numerous Grammy Awards for their contributions to the music industry. Songs such as Yellow, In My Place and The Scientist have won over the hearts of millions of music lovers worldwide. Paul Connolly, from Universal Publishing, spoke highly of Coldplay during an interview: “Coldplay define all that’s great about music today. They’re incredibly talented, they write fantastic songs, and they deliver amazing shows to their fans. They’ve sold over 50 million albums worldwide and their huge success is entirely deserved. We’re obviously very proud to be Coldplay’s publisher so it’s great that we’ve been able to extend our relationship with them in this way.”

With so much success behind them, the future for Coldplay looks bright, as fans wait anxiously for their new album to hit the shelves. The time period on the contract has not been released, so the number of years of the contract is uncertain. But no matter how long the contract is, it is guaranteed that Coldplay will be entertaining audiences for years to come, bringing the best of alternative rock to the world and continuing to prove that they are one of the best bands of our time.