Which Beat Programs are User-friendly and Fast to Pick Up?

There are a great many beat programs out there. Some have been established for numerous years and applied in professional recordings. Others are recent and permit you to study and create your individualized beats on-line without having to set up anything.

Before you look at any beat programs, first think about how you learn most effectively and how you can get to your goal as easily and speedily as doable.

What sort of learner are you? Do you develop well from reading books and manuals? Are you more visual and pick things up from watching videos? Do you learn better from merely getting in there and doing it?

How much time, elbow grease and expense can you invest into becoming a practiced beat maker?

Your options are pretty wide and vary from intricate high end music production packages to free open source programs, there are also web browser based beat programs at varying costs.

Free vs. Paid

Everyone wants something for nothing and free is always nice – but like anything that’s free there’s invariably a catch. With music production software the free ones come in 2 flavours – time limited demo versions of paid products or open source and shareware.

If you are a practiced computer user and resourceful when it comes to finding information, the open source shareware route might just be for you. You’ll need to be able to set up and teach yourself the software program – and if it goes wrong there’s no support. As well – and this is the greatest downfall with free beat programs – you don’t get any samples to use.

The benefits of paid products are that the better ones will include good (video) training, royalty-free samples you can use to make tracks that you can sell commercially, good support and, if you’re fortunate, a money back guarantee.

At the end of the day your journey from novice to fully fledged beat maker can be time-consuming or compact.

So how much is good value?

Now depending on what level of dedication you’re willing to put in you can spend a lot or a little at the outset of your journey. High end packages cost hundreds of dollars whereas some beginner packages cost less than 30 bucks.

What’s appropriate for your budget and time depends on your personalized situation. A beginner software program will get you up and running fast but may lack some of the more subtle and complex characteristics of pro standard beat programs. High end packages take longer to learn, are complicated to set up, but you’re laying a solid base.

Only you can determine what will best fit your unique needs. Think of your goal of learning how to make beats quickly and easily and keep that in mind when looking at beat programs. Ask yourself questions like: “Do I want these surplus features?” and “Am I merely paying extra for the brand name here?” Keep your mind on your goal and you’ll be hearing your own beats on the radio and in the clubs in no time.

Contributed byPeter Webber.