Wyclef Jean Aiming for Haiti Presidency

Wyclef Jean is known throughout the world as a successful recording artist, musician and record producer, with albums such as Masquerade, The Preacher’s Son and The Carnival making a huge impact in the music industry. His collaborations with musicians such as Shakira and Akon, and his involvement with The Fugees has also earned him great respect as a musician. Wyclef Jean has now set his sights on running for President of Haiti. The announcement has only recently been released, with the looming elections taking place on 28 November 2010.

Born in Haiti on 17 October 1972, Wyclef Jean is the son of a Nazarene pastor, and moved to the United States at the age of nine. He has been working as an ambassador-at-large for Haiti, but it was the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti in January of this year that led to Wyclef Jean’s decision to play a more active role in regard to leadership. The unimaginable damage done to the island, which left thousands dead and even more without housing, was a sign to Jean that new leadership was needed to ensure that the country begins to embrace the modernization needed to deal with natural disasters such as the earthquakes, and various other sectors, to promote development. To bring relief and aid to Haiti after the earthquake, Wyclef Jean managed to raise $9.1 million through his Yélé Haiti Foundation, and remains active in working toward bringing assistance to the country.

The announcement of his registration for candidacy, which must be done by 7 August, has caused quite a stir amongst politicians as they fear his lack of experience might be a disadvantage. But the youth of Haiti have lost faith in their government, and it is this group that will count in Jean’s favor. Their great respect for Wyclef Jean and his continued support of Haiti will most definitely win their votes, and due to the constitution, Rene Preval, the current President, will be unable to run for another term. Of course there are other candidates who have confirmed their registration, such as Michel Martelly, Raymond Joseph and Garaudy Laguerre.