You Don’t have to be a Musician to Create Music

If you’re one of the millions of people out there who would love to make music but don’t know how, you might have already heard of the Beamz Music System. This revolutionary new musical instrument allows the player to create enjoyable music regardless of their actual musical abilities.

So what exactly is it? The interactive Beamz Music System takes the shape of a w-shaped instrument that measures 25 inches in width and 18 inches in height. Made from metal, the Beamz has six laser beams that can be broken by the player to trigger different musical notes and sounds. This enables the player to create a distinctly individual sound that they can chop and change according to what they hear, giving them a sense of being able to create music. The Beamz is then connected to a computer which uses specially designed software to ensure that the aspiring musician has full access to the widest range of sounds possible. The sound is then emitted via the instrument’s speakers.

The enjoyable new musical creation was designed by musician, inventor and songwriter Jerry Riopelle. Riopelle says that the concept started to form itself when he was just ten-years old in Florida. One day he and some friend went to an ice-cream parlor and their arrival was heralded to the shop attendant with the help of an incandescent light beam. Though the ice-cream he enjoyed that day was soon gone, the idea of the broken light beam stayed with him for many years. Despite this, however, it was not until after he pursued a successful career in music that he began to develop his new musical invention. Riopelle now lives in Scottsdale where the headquarters for his new company, Beamz Interactive, is located.

The Beamz Music System is not all that new. In fact, Riopelle actually completed his first ‘music performance system’ in 1994 and he has been marketing it and improving on the original design ever since. The current model allows you to choose a complementary rhythm track from 30 different original songs. Music lovers will also not be limited in their choice of music style since there are 19 different music genres available. By simply breaking the laser beams with your hands, you can generate a number of pre-authored pulses, riffs, loops or streams of musical notes and sounds. There are also literally hundreds of different instruments available, so musicians can really let their imagination go wild. All you need to do is purchase the Beamz Music System, which is available at all Sharper Image stores, then install the software on your laptop or PC, connect the speakers and system and you’re ready to make music. Why not give this revolutionary new system a try? You might find that it really allows you to express yourself!