Musician Auditions and Auditioning Tips

Music auditions are held to determine whether or not individuals may attend certain music schools or academies. Recording studios often hold auditions to find new talent. Bands may hold auditions for new members. Auditions are also conducted so as to organize casts for plays, operas and so on.

Is this your first time auditioning? Choose a piece of music that will demonstrate your strengths. Practice is vital! It is also important to practice sight reading. Dress appropriately for the audition and arrive early to warm up. Bring all the supplies you may need as well as your resumé. Be professional and friendly at your audition. Don’t stop if you make a mistake. Enjoy your audition and don’t let nerves get the best of you. will be providing information on auditions in your area on this page. If you are going to be conducting auditions or are aware of any upcoming auditions please contact us.

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