2011 Surface Festival

The main goal of the Surface Festival, and the reason it was created, was to assist artists and upcoming bands to be promoted and developed. Over the years it has played a vital role as a platform for artists to increase their fan base and be seen. Promoting newly discovered talent drives the festival, and the preparations for the 2011 Surface Festival are already under way. Cities have been selected to host the Surface Festival, and bands and artists are getting ready to take on the audiences of Europe and the United Kingdom.

For the 2011 Surface Festival, there will be more than five hundred shows organised. The reason for that particular number of shows is due to the fact that the festival organises the concerts by music genre. This ensures that the audience members are able to attend music performances of their preference, and also helps to increase the popularity and support of the bands participating in the festival.

Fourteen cities have been selected for the 2011 Surface Festival, including Budapest, Newcastle, Manchester, London, Barcelona and Glasgow. One of the most anticipated performances will be held at the O2 Complex, the IndigoO2, which will see magnificent performances by twenty-one artists and bands, and will include well known names such as Joss Stone, Timbaland and Jools Holland. Over and above the O2, the Surface Festival has also confirmed other spectacular venues such as the London Dome, Oxford Academy and the Birmingham O2 Academy Main Stage. The Surface Festival also provides a networking platform for bands and artists, as well as exposure to new audience members.

The committee of the Surface Festival encourages band members and artists to bring their merchandise to their performances, as it not only gives the public an opportunity to meet their favourite performers but also assists the bands in making a little profit off their merchandise while promoting themselves. For the bands that perform in the International Showcase, there will be many prizes to look forward to, such as endorsements, photo shoots, cash prizes and recording deals. And for music enthusiasts, there will be breathtaking live performances to attend, great music and fantastic atmosphere to enjoy.