Converse Rubber Tracks Opens

Converse Rubber Tracks will bring new hope to many struggling bands and artists. It is a facility that will serve as a place of opportunity for those who are battling to get into the mainstream music industry, or even just to begin making a name. Bands and artists are invited to apply to use the recording studio free of charge, and all genres are welcome. They will not only have access to some of the best equipment in the industry but the sessions will include wonderful features such as video footage being shot behind-the-scenes.

Being able to reach out to a broader audience and getting assistance in recording their first song or album is a chance every aspiring artist or band dreams of. With Converse Rubber Tracks opening its doors and offering a free service to realize these dreams, they will be helping new artists enter the music industry, as saving enough money for studio time and recording is out of reach for many. The studio is located in Brooklyn. As soon as applications opened on 31 May 2011 there was an overwhelming response. A few bands and artists from New Jersey and New York have been selected to make use of the studio so far. Some of those lucky enough to be selected include G.I.C & Funk Face, Aabaraki, Super Rocket Car, Majuscules and Andre Henry. The application intake period will run every three months. It is done according to accomplishment and the requirements of those selected. Each artist and band will get between two to three days in the studio.

Speaking to the press, Geoff Cottrill, the Chief Marketing Officer for Converse, commented that Converse Rubber Tracks was their way of saying thank you and showing their appreciation to the bands and artists who have supported them, which in turn enabled them to become a powerful brand. The new studio will now provide artists with the recourses they need, and Converse feels that the studio is an investment they are making in the music industry and the future of artists and bands that could take the industry by storm, if given a chance.