Home for Music Hall of Fame

It is the ideal location for a museum, as the old First National Bank building in Port Jefferson is a historic landmark in the town. It will not only become home to a new museum but also for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. A lease has been signed for fifteen years, finally giving the Long Island Music Hall of Fame a place to call their own after only operating as a website for many years. Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld stated that it was an honor to have the Hall of Fame located in a city that boasts a long and successful musical heritage.

Long Island has a musical history everyone can be proud of, with names such as Louis Armstrong, Gershwin, Guy Lombardo and Billy Joel coming to mind. A museum where their legacy can be preserved through memorabilia and various other exhibits will not only pay tribute to the artists but the Long Island music industry heritage. Even though it is estimated that the complete renovation of the museum will take approximately a year, the museum will be open during this time, welcoming visitors to view and enjoy the progress being made, along with the interactive displays that the museum will feature, as well as a performance area and a classroom.

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame Chairman, Jim Faith, stated that there are so many artists that have contributed greatly to the music industry and music history of Long Island that they deserve the recognition and to have their contributions preserved. The entire idea and eventual creation of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame was brought about by a group of artists and music enthusiasts of Long Island, and to date artists such as The Ramones, Billy Joel, LL Cool J, Louis Armstrong, Harry Chapin and Lou Reed have been inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Councilman Fiore-Rosenfeld has also been instrumental in the renovation projects that have been ongoing throughout the city to historical buildings, and on the Old First National Bank building, renovations to the exterior have already been completed, as well as restoration work to the doors that are approximately a hundred years old, as well as the window molding and mortar damage. Once restoration is complete, the Long Island Music Hall of Fame will have a home they can be proud of and continue to treasure and conserve the musical history of Long Island.